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The Power of "Thanks" + "Giving"

Black Friday, Small Biz Saturday, Cyber Monday and now Giving Tuesday (did you know about that one?)....apparently the holiday season comes with many themes....however maybe the most important theme when it comes to our health is the combined power of what happened on Thursday (thanks) and the what's about to start happening (giving).....in no particular order.

I saw a video from the CBS Nightly News this week (it was actually from last year) that really demonstrated this power.  It was about a wealthy person who "deputized" a sheriff's office to give away $100 bills to random people who they thought might really need or appreciate the gift.  What an amazing thing to watch as people, many of whom were initially upset and frustrated because they were being pulled over, as they were rocked by the kindness of the act.  A feel good story that genuinely made people feel good.....and it wasn't only those who got the gift.

Maybe that's the coolest thing about it....that the science is becoming so clear -- people who feel good, as in genuinely happy, tend to live healthier, higher quality lives.  Whether it be a link to inflammation which is believed to be tied to many chronic diseases, or better sleep, mood and fatigue - it turns out there is a link between gratitude (i.e. giving thanks), happiness and many markers of health and disease.

So...since, in addition to it being a time of year that emphasizes thanks and giving, 'tis also the season that tends to add stress, we figured it might be a help to explore some of the evidence that connects the dots of "how" and "why" since the "what" (MOVEFUELRECOVERENDURECONNECT) isn't likely to surprise anyone.

Here's to crossing the 2015 finish line strong - and to making sure over the next few weeks that it's not just an item on a wish list, but a reality.

Now, go do something extraordinary.

Mike Eisenhart, PT
Managing Partner, Pro-Activity